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The Federation Synagogue in Elstree & Borehamwood
The small shul with the big heart.


All the essentials, and a lot more

Borehamwood has a Kosher Butcher, Kosher supermarket, bakers and a deli, and also has a shawama resturant! - plus other butchers and shopping in nearby towns (Radlet, Edgeware and more) as well as a decent Kosher section in the local Tesco Extra.

Here are all the details:

Kosher Shopping

Just Kosher butcher and shop

More details of Just Kosher and the butcher Just Koshered can be found on their website here.


Orli's bakery sells bread, cakes and challahs and has a milky restaurant/cafe. More details can be found here. Orli's is a KLBD supervised establishment.


Tesco Borehamwood has an extensive kosher product section and fridge and freezer items.

Kosher Deli

Only recently opened in Borehamwood, the Kosher Deli provides fresh meat and poultry, and a selection of cooked foods. They are based on Shenley Road. For more details please see here: http://kosherdeli.co.uk/kdshop/pages.php?pageid=14

Kosher Eating

Let's Meat

Let's Meat is the only meaty restaurant in Hertfordshire, selling pitas and laffas, shwarma, steak and more! Let's Meat is under the supervision of the Sephardi Kashrut Authority. More information can be found here.