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The Federation Synagogue in Elstree & Borehamwood
The small shul with the big heart.

In the community there are many many young families, and there are two excellent Jewish nurseries in the town, along with many other registered child minder groups catering for the community and beyond.

Secondary Schools

Yavneh College

Yavneh College is a modern orthodox school which welcomes pupils from across the spectrum of Jewish practice. We strive to imbue pupils with a love of God, Torah and Israel and to teach them to respect human diversity and diverse viewpoints. Yavneh College celebrates the existence of the State of Israel as being central to Jewish life. Jewish values pervade the life of the school, not simply the Jewish Studies lessons. Although our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of their religious heritage is developed through the Jewish Studies curriculum, this is complemented by a stimulating programme of informal Jewish education and cultural activities. This programme includes Shabbatonim, and a host of enrichment activities. Yavneh College Website

Primary Schools

HJPS : Hertsmere Jewish Primary School

Hertsmere Jewish Primary School is a relatively young school, borne out of the desire of the Orthodox communities in Hertfordshire to establish a Jewish Primary School in the area. The aim from the outset was to meet the education needs of local Jewish children in an environment that mixed first rate secular education with an environment of Orthodox practice and religious education. HJPS Website

Other Schools

Michael Sobell Sinai School

Morasha JPS

Rosh Pinah Jewish Primary School

Beit Shvidler Primary School

Find a Jewish School - Primary Schools

Find a Jewish School - Secondary Schools


Little Bicks

Based at our own Federation Shul - Little Bicks is the perfect start for a loving Jewish education. Little Bicks Nursery runs every day from 8am until 5pm for children aged 2-5 years. For more information contact Rivka on info@littlebicks.co.uk


Gilah is an Orthodox Jewish nursery for children from the age of 2 years until primary school. Priority is given to Borehamwood & Elstree synagogue members.

Find a Jewish School - Nursery Schools

Recording Attendance at Synagogue for the purpose of completing a Certificate of Religious Practice ("CRP")

1. Any person who wishes to have their attendance recorded for the purposes of a CRP ("the Attendee") must register by emailing Colin Frey on colinfrey@hotmail.com who will create an index card with the name and DOB of the child to be used for each Shabbos morning service.

2. On Shabbos the parent or guardian and his/her child (for primary school entry the child does not have to attend) must attend and may be asked to confirm their address and child's date of birth.

3. Index cards should be collected from the box in the Shul foyer which will be available from 10.15am to 11.00am on Shabbos mornings only.

4. In line with other Shuls in the area, we will not be recording attendances on Friday nights.

5. Those requiring us to record attendance will be required to stay until the end of the service and they will, therefore, be required to retain their cards until the end of the services. Attendance will only be recorded for those cards which are picked up at the appropriate time and deposited at the end of the services.

6. Cards should be placed in the ‘In box’ which will be placed in the foyer for ten minutes at the end of the services.

7. All records will be confidential, and will only be used to enable the authorised official to sign the CRP.

NOTE: The integrity of the process is paramount. Anyone not adhering to the procedure not only compromises their own CRP but also risks invalidating all attendance records from our Shul.